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Q: What is the Chicago Polar Plunge?

This is the 19th annual Polar Plunge benefitting the 7500+ athletes of Chicago. Money raised helps
support the athletes and 65+ year-round competitions. This is Special Olympics Chicago’s largest
fundraiser. Each person is encouraged to raise a minimum of $200 to participate in taking the
Plunge into Lake Michigan!

Q: Is the event open to the public? Where can I watch someone Plunge?

Yes! Spectators are welcome and there is no fee to watch. Find out which corral they are plunging
from (North or South) and there are bleachers for spectators on each side to watch.

Q: Where is: bathroom, registration tent, meltdown party, souvenirs, chutes, changing stations, team tents,

See map.

Q: Where do enter into the costume contest?

Volunteers will be walking around judging your costumes! We have categories for: Most creative
individual, most creative team, and most closely tied to Special Olympics Chicago.

Q: What if I do not know my wave time or chute?

Your wave time and chute is located on the confirmation email you received from Crowdrise when
registering. Or stop into our registration tent.

Q: Can I change my plunge time?

Plunge times have been designated for the safety of all. If your team is plunging earlier than you,
you are welcomed to join them.

Q: Where do I enter the chute to plunge and when?

Head to your designated chute (North/South) and enter by the big arch. Lineup 5 minutes before
your wave time. You will be directed through the chutes and told when to plunge.

Q: Where do I put my stuff when I am plunging?

There is an area for you to drop your gear when you get to the front of the chute before you plunge.
Immediately after you plunge, you can pick up your stuff. This area is monitored by volunteers.

Q: What if I do not have shoes to plunge in?

It is required to plunge in shoes – you will not be allowed to enter the plunge chutes without shoes.

Q: Where should I park?

Lincoln Park Zoo has free parking. The entrance is located at 2400 N. Canon Drive Chicago, IL
60614. You will walk from the zoo to and from the Plunge. We strongly recommend you take public

Q: Where can I change after the Plunge?

There are changing tents located by both chutes and bathrooms in the boathouse.

Q: Where do I pick up my t-shirt and wrist band?

At the Registration tent. North of the boathouse (8:00-10:30 AM).

Q: Where do I get my medal prizes?

At the Registration tent. North of the boathouse (8:00-10:30 AM). Silver and gold will be sent to you
post event.

Q: What is the minimum amount my team needs to raise?

The fundraising minimum is $200.00 per person to Plunge. We strongly encourage you to make a
donation or continue to fundraise.

Q: I have registered online but I also have additional cash or checks that I would like to add to my
fundraising total. Where should I go?

Go to the registration tent. Hand in these offline donations when you are checking in. These
additional funds will be added to your fundraising total after the event.

Q: Where can I get my towel?

You will receive your towel as you are leaving the water after you plunge.

Q: Where can I buy Polar Plunge and Special Olympics Chicago swag and merchandise?

Swag and merchandise can be purchased at in the souvenir tent, next to the registration tent.

Q: Where can I get food/drinks?

Food and beverages are located in the meltdown party tent. Beer tickets are also sold here.

Q: I am a part of a team. Where can I find my team bus, after the event?

Return to the registration tent with your entire team for bus departure. Check-in with bus

Q: Where do volunteers return their vests and credentials?

Volunteer headquarters in the registration tent.

Q: What if I would just like to donate?

Text PLUNGE to 41411

Q: Where do I get my Plunge pictures?

Special Olympics Chicago will be sending an email after the event with free download link.